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SphinxClient::setRankingModeSet ranking mode


public bool SphinxClient::setRankingMode ( int $ranker )

Sets ranking mode. Only available in SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2 matching mode.

Ranking modes
Constant Description
SPH_RANK_PROXIMITY_BM25 Default ranking mode which uses both proximity and BM25 ranking.
SPH_RANK_BM25 Statistical ranking mode which uses BM25 ranking only (similar to most of other full-text engines). This mode is faster, but may result in worse quality on queries which contain more than 1 keyword.
SPH_RANK_NONE Disables ranking. This mode is the fastest. It is essentially equivalent to boolean searching, a weight of 1 is assigned to all matches.



Ranking mode.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

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