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SDO-DAS-Relational Functions

Predefined Classes

The Relational DAS provides two classes: the Relational DAS itself and the subclass of Exception that can be thrown. The Relational DAS has four publicly useful calls: the constructor, the createRootDataObject() call to obtain the root object of an empty data graph, the executeQuery() call to obtain a data graph containing data from a relational database, and the applyChanges() call to write changes made to a data graph back to the relational database.


The only object other than an SDO_DAS_Relational_Exception with which the application is expected to interact.


  • __construct - construct the Relational DAS with a model derived from the passed metadata

  • createRootDataObject - obtain an otherwise empty data graph containing just the special root object

  • executeQuery - execute an SQL query passed as a literal string and return the results as a normalised data graph

  • executePreparedQuery - execute an SQL query passed as a prepared statement, with a list of values to substitute for placeholders, and return the results as a normalised data graph

  • applyChanges - examine the change summary in the data graph and apply those changes back to the database, subject to an assumption of optimistic concurrency


Is a subclass of PHP's Exception. It adds no behaviour to Exception. Thrown, with useful descriptive text, to signal errors in the metadata or unexpected failures to perform SQL operations.

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