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Example that implements inclued into an application

This example demonstrates the process of implementing inclued into an existing application, and viewing the results.

Example #1 Getting the data from inclued

// File to store the inclued information
$fp fopen('/tmp/wp.json''w');
if (
$fp) {
$clue inclued_get_data();
    if (
$clue) {

Now that some data exists, it's time to make sense of it in the form of a graph. The inclued extension includes a PHP file named gengraph.php that creates a dot file that requires the » graphviz library. However, this form is not required.

Example #2 Example use of gengraph.php

This example creates an image named inclued.png that shows the inclued data.

# First, create the dot file
$ php graphviz.php -i /tmp/wp.json -o

# Next, create the image
$ dot -Tpng -o inclued.png

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