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(PHP 5, PECL tidy:0.5.2-1.2)

tidy_get_statusGet status of specified document


Procedural style:

int tidy_get_status ( tidy $object )

Object oriented style:

int tidy->getStatus ( void )

tidy_get_status() returns the status for the specified tidy object . It returns 0 if no error/warning was raised, 1 for warnings or accessibility errors, or 2 for errors.

Example #1 tidy_get_status() example

$tidy tidy_parse_string($html);

$html2 '<bogus>test</bogus>';
$tidy2 tidy_parse_string($html2);

tidy_get_status($tidy); //1

echo tidy_get_status($tidy2); //2

Tidy Functions
PHP Manual