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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

stripslashesUn-quotes a quoted string


string stripslashes ( string $str )

Un-quotes a quoted string.

Note: If magic_quotes_sybase is on, no backslashes are stripped off but two apostrophes are replaced by one instead.

An example use of stripslashes() is when the PHP directive magic_quotes_gpc is on (it's on by default), and you aren't inserting this data into a place (such as a database) that requires escaping. For example, if you're simply outputting data straight from an HTML form.



The input string.

Return Values

Returns a string with backslashes stripped off. (\' becomes ' and so on.) Double backslashes (\\) are made into a single backslash (\).


Example #1 A stripslashes() example

"Is your name O\'reilly?";

// Outputs: Is your name O'reilly?
echo stripslashes($str);

Note: stripslashes() is not recursive. If you want to apply this function to a multi-dimensional array, you need to use a recursive function.

Example #2 Using stripslashes() on an array

function stripslashes_deep($value)
$value is_array($value) ?
array_map('stripslashes_deep'$value) :


// Example
$array = array("f\\'oo""b\\'ar", array("fo\\'o""b\\'ar"));
$array stripslashes_deep($array);

// Output

The above example will output:

    [0] => f'oo
    [1] => b'ar
    [2] => Array
            [0] => fo'o
            [1] => b'ar


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