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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

stream_socket_enable_cryptoTurns encryption on/off on an already connected socket


mixed stream_socket_enable_crypto ( resource $stream , bool $enable [, int $crypto_type [, resource $session_stream ]] )

When called with the crypto_type parameter, stream_socket_enable_crypto() will setup encryption on the stream using the specified method.

Valid values for crypto_type

Once the crypto settings are established, cryptography can be turned on and off dynamically by passing TRUE or FALSE in the enable parameter.

If this stream should be seeded with settings from an already established crypto enabled stream, pass that stream's resource variable in the fourth parameter.

Returns TRUE on success, FALSE if negotiation has failed or 0 if there isn't enough data and you should try again (only for non-blocking sockets).

Example #1 stream_socket_enable_crypto() Example

if (!
$fp) {
"Unable to connect: $errstr ($errno)");
/* Turn on encryption for login phase */
fwrite($fp"USER god\r\n");
fwrite($fp"PASS secret\r\n");
/* Turn off encryption for the rest */
while (
$motd fgets($fp)) {

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Stream Functions
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