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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

minFind lowest value


mixed min ( array $values )
mixed min ( mixed $value1 , mixed $value2 [, mixed $value3... ] )

If the first and only parameter is an array, min() returns the lowest value in that array. If at least two parameters are provided, min() returns the smallest of these values.

Note: PHP will evaluate a non-numeric string as 0 if compared to integer, but still return the string if it's seen as the numerically lowest value. If multiple arguments evaluate to 0, min() will return the lowest alphanumerical string value if any strings are given, else a numeric 0 is returned.



An array containing the values.

Return Values

min() returns the numerically lowest of the parameter values.


Example #1 Example uses of min()

echo min(23167);  // 1
echo min(array(245)); // 2

echo min(0'hello');     // 0
echo min('hello'0);     // hello
echo min('hello', -1);    // -1

// With multiple arrays, min compares from left to right
// so in our example: 2 == 2, but 4 < 5
$val min(array(248), array(251)); // array(2, 4, 8)

// If both an array and non-array are given, the array
// is never returned as it's considered the largest
$val min('string', array(257), 42);   // string

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