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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)

mb_convert_kanaConvert "kana" one from another ("zen-kaku", "han-kaku" and more)


string mb_convert_kana ( string $str [, string $option [, string $encoding ]] )

Performs a "han-kaku" - "zen-kaku" conversion for string str . This function is only useful for Japanese.



The string being converted.


The conversion option. The default value is "KV".

Specify with a combination of following options. The default value is KV.

Applicable Conversion Options
Option Meaning
r Convert "zen-kaku" alphabets to "han-kaku"
R Convert "han-kaku" alphabets to "zen-kaku"
n Convert "zen-kaku" numbers to "han-kaku"
N Convert "han-kaku" numbers to "zen-kaku"
a Convert "zen-kaku" alphabets and numbers to "han-kaku"
A Convert "han-kaku" alphabets and numbers to "zen-kaku" (Characters included in "a", "A" options are U+0021 - U+007E excluding U+0022, U+0027, U+005C, U+007E)
s Convert "zen-kaku" space to "han-kaku" (U+3000 -> U+0020)
S Convert "han-kaku" space to "zen-kaku" (U+0020 -> U+3000)
k Convert "zen-kaku kata-kana" to "han-kaku kata-kana"
K Convert "han-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku kata-kana"
h Convert "zen-kaku hira-gana" to "han-kaku kata-kana"
H Convert "han-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku hira-gana"
c Convert "zen-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku hira-gana"
C Convert "zen-kaku hira-gana" to "zen-kaku kata-kana"
V Collapse voiced sound notation and convert them into a character. Use with "K","H"


The encoding parameter is the character encoding. If it is omitted, the internal character encoding value will be used.

Return Values

The converted string.


Example #1 mb_convert_kana() example

/* Convert all "kana" to "zen-kaku" "kata-kana" */
$str mb_convert_kana($str"KVC");

/* Convert "han-kaku" "kata-kana" to "zen-kaku" "kata-kana" 
   and "zen-kaku" alpha-numeric to "han-kaku" */
$str mb_convert_kana($str"KVa");

Multibyte String Functions
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