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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.7, PHP 5)

imageftbboxGive the bounding box of a text using fonts via freetype2


array imageftbbox ( float $size , float $angle , string $fontfile , string $text [, array $extrainfo ] )

This function calculates and returns the bounding box in pixels for a FreeType text.



The font size. Depending on your version of GD, this should be specified as the pixel size (GD1) or point size (GD2).


Angle in degrees in which text will be measured.


The name of the TrueType font file (can be a URL). Depending on which version of the GD library that PHP is using, it may attempt to search for files that do not begin with a leading '/' by appending '.ttf' to the filename and searching along a library-defined font path.


The string to be measured.


Possible array indexes for extrainfo
Key Type Meaning
linespacing float Defines drawing linespacing

Return Values

imageftbbox() returns an array with 8 elements representing four points making the bounding box of the text:

0 lower left corner, X position
1 lower left corner, Y position
2 lower right corner, X position
3 lower right corner, Y position
4 upper right corner, X position
5 upper right corner, Y position
6 upper left corner, X position
7 upper left corner, Y position

The points are relative to the text regardless of the angle , so "upper left" means in the top left-hand corner seeing the text horizontally.


Example #1 imageftbbox() example

// Create a 300x150 image
$im imagecreatetruecolor(300150);
$black imagecolorallocate($im000);
$white imagecolorallocate($im255255255);

// Set the background to be white

// Path to our font file
$font './arial.ttf';

// First we create our bounding box
$bbox imageftbbox(100$font'The PHP Documentation Group');

// This is our cordinates for X and Y
$x $bbox[0] + (imagesx($im) / 2) - ($bbox[4] / 2) - 5;
$y $bbox[1] + (imagesy($im) / 2) - ($bbox[5] / 2) - 5;

imagefttext($im100$x$y$black$font'The PHP Documentation Group');

// Output to browser
header('Content-type: image/png');



Note: This function requires GD 2.0.1 or later (2.0.28 or later is recommended).

Note: This function is only available if PHP is compiled with freetype support (--with-freetype-dir=DIR)


Version Description
4.3.5 extrainfo was made optional.

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